My urban garden…

The course :

is the story of my garden in the parisian suburbs. We started without knowledges, only the common sense and the observation. We are not professional of gardening, of truck farming… This garden had to be not restrictive and to provide for the needs of my family ( 4 person ). No pressure, a little time for it with the rythm : children, school, public transport, work…2 hours per week at the most.

Urge that this small plot becomes the ideal garden, without pesticide and insecticide, a healthy garden.

This, it was before…
Year 2008, the purchase of the house or of the loan , and its little plot. And yes, we are in the suburbs, a plot is often a little green patch of lawn with the barbecue, and some flowers to look nice…

I buy some tools, some seeds, and we start. The seedlings of tomatoes in the warm house don ´t really look like to the beautiful pictures on internet. I start again and the first seedling start juste like the second seedling. First instinctive , don ´t loose anything, I decide to keep all :-). I plant some red onions, garlic, broad beans, and peas in the spring. The seedling of carrots, of spinach, of radish, of lettuce have preceded the potatoes. I plant some courgettes, my young plant of pumpkin and my tomatoes everywhere… but everywhere, 55 plants of tomatoes … But how many tomatoes give one plant ?

With a little time to devote to the garden, there are a lot of weeds : couch grass, bindweed, thistle… I cut a few plants of tomatoes with my intuition, reading some articles in internet and for the other plants, I let themself go.
In summer, some kilo and kilo of tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes, tomatoes heart of ox´, ‘marmande’. It is the big retailing…in september, we have made an overdose of tomatoes…I made some ‘ratatouille’,tomato coulis … for the freezer.
It was the first year, some tomatoes. It seems easy to have a garden, even if I don ‘t have a lot of potatoes and carrots….
The second year and the third year ,it is not a doddle… But I learn few tricks.
potatoes are awful again
Tomatoes catch a disease, i learn to identify the mildew
My carrots are too tight
My broad beans are generous but the ants cover them with some aphids
Too good, peas and broad beans uncooked with only some salt
The attacks of slugs are terrible and the beer has not an effect, but who have drink the beer?
My strawberries are be eating by birds, by slugs and by woodlice
I have installed a mulberry tree, a vine, two apple trees, two pear trees in fence, a blackcurrant, a redcurrant bush and a raspberry cane.
I have some thyme in abundance and some purslane
I am going to take some notes to remember the significant facts and make every year the plan of the garden to prepare the crop rotation
Garlic and onion are well
I make compost.

I watch : the soil was poorly treated with herbicide before we . It needs to rebuild itself, the first year has been good but it has been exhausted.
Forth and fifth year : I always learn with my free time.
my potatoes don ‘t produce, despite of the horse manure delivery in autumn .
Radishes , carrots produce more and more since I thin them out.
Two hens joined us : the food leftovers and the tops attached are some foods of choice and we have regularly eggs.
The garden, it relaxes 🙂 in our fast way of life, it is concrete, kids love
It is just crazy how i observe meteo, it not rains during long periods of time in spring and the wind uprooted my props and my tomatoes … And summer is rainy.
I am also interested in flowers : gladioli and dahlias have blossomed. Cornflowers, iris, hyacinths, tulips, crocus, dianthus as well. The first should be removed out of the soil in autumn, the seconds stay in their place.
Compost is starting to be used.
My potatoes didn ´t produce in 2013, a fungus (alternaria) attempted them to grow, the solution is to used lime.
We have more and more carrots and apples 🙂
I tested the soil with PH, it is acid.

And now….
We are nearing the year 2014, the turn and some new experiences in my garden.
I decide to test the permaculture…because i have enough of place in the parisian suburbs and if it works, I could best produce with on less soil and less effort.


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